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DIY Aromatherapy Playdough

What kid doesn’t like playing around with playdough? It’s colorful, engaging, squidgy and lets their imagination run wild. Instead of buying it by the bucket load, why not make it … Read More


Home Remedies To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are a girl’s worst nightmare. One blackhead on your face before the big party, and you start losing your hair. And it gets especially irritating when the blackheads refuse … Read More


3 Herbs For Hair Growth

Hair growth is always a popular topic on the Health & Natural Living blog. There are a number of ways to encourage healthier and faster hair growth and herbs are … Read More


5 Essential Oils I Use Daily

Katie over at has written this fantastic post which details how she and her family use essential oils every day. She talks about the 5 oils that she uses … Read More


Natural Cure For Sunburn

Looking for high-def wallpapers to make your home computer or smart phone unique and personalized? Here are 25 images for you to choose from. Enjoy! To see all images, just … Read More


Home Remedies For Back Acne

Back acne is a very common occurrence on the back, which generally happens due to dirt accumulation or stress. People tend to think that because the back is usually covered … Read More